Justice for Jeffrey Pyne
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Nancy Grace said: "If I were going to defend someone - I'd want to defend Jeff Pyne!"


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Pyne juror regrets second-degree verdict:

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Forensic Experts Have No Evidence:
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I am a father that truly believes his son is innocent. I have known Jeffrey for 21 years before Ruth’s passing – lived with him for 5 months after this happened, and have talked with him every week since he was taken by the police. The police are not perfect – they make mistakes and Jeffrey is innocenthe did not commit this crime. Jeffrey is a fine young man that was featured in local channel-7 video clips as one of the Brightest and Best students in the area. He is a hardworking young man that presented an easy target for police because of his mother’s illness. Jeffrey is very close to his little sister Julia and separating them is another tragedy that is overlooked – she misses her brother tremendously. Our prayer is simple: “that justice will prevail and our family is reunited once again.”

Bernie Pyne

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